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Music is a big part of who I am.

Ever since I was a kid, I've remembered making rhythms using any solid surface that was in front of me. That basic musicality has driven me toward lots of music-related projects and activites.

Alto Saxophone

I have been playing the alto saxophone for around six years now. I started in sixth grade, and have continued to play it in school throughout junior high and high school. I have received many honors from my playing, including many I-grades (the highest grade) for my IHSA solo performances and successfully auditioning into the ILMEA District II Jazz festival. I am the Alto 1 of my high school's jazz band, and have been for three years (I was Alto 2 my freshman year). Our jazz band performed in Chicago and New York City!


SoundCloud is a music platform that allows anyone to upload their musical creations online for the Internet to see. Naturally, not everyone has taken this completely seriously, and thus instead of making completely original works, people have taken existing musical works and created remixes and mashups out of them as a form of comedy. These are called "SoundClowns", and I myself have done a number of mashups in this style. I used to use Audacity for these mashups, but now I'm starting to use Ableton Live Lite 10 to create them due to the added flexibility and features. I think it is really fun to take existing music and repackage it in a totally different context.

Electronic Music

You've probably already seen the "my music" link that takes you to my Bandcamp page. I have been dipping my feet into electronic music lately, and while I have always been at least fiddling around with it, it hasn't been until recently that I have started getting more serious about it with actually releasing EP's and albums for download. I use Ableton Live Lite 10 and the MPK Mini mk2 when making my electronic music.

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