Soooooo it's beeen a biiiiit... how ya doooiiinnnngg??? Gooood?? I'm doing greeeeeaaat...

but seriously hi. College has started up again and I'm already getting somewhat overwhelmed by in-person classes and the fact that I HAVE A FUCKING SOCIAL LIFE NOW WHAT THE SHIT.

Yeah, I met a bunch of The Gays™️ on Discord and met up on campus and now I have way more friends than I ever thought I would have this year. I also now have a source for the Devil's Lettuce, so that will be cool to try out once I figure out how and when. Things are definitely looking up.

My plans for getting a car this semester seem to be going bust, though. I will probably work at a place like CVS to try to get some extra funds and savings (CVS is a close walk from the main campus which will be better for car-less me than Target). Probably not $15/hr but likely around $11-12/hr. Oh well, it's better than $0/hr.

I'm starting to figure out my trans stuff more. It's so weird being called my new name IRL, and I fear the more I get used to it the more I'll become un-used to being called my birthname and gender. One of my friends went with me, my dad, and my grandma to get a TV for my dormroom and they said it was pain to call me by my birthname and gender the whole time... and honestly it was getting to me too. I may have to come out sooner than I thought, which is pretty scary. I think I can manage it, though. I'm starting to come into my own as a person of the female gender, and I am excited for what the future holds for me.

Finally, I joined the DSA so hopefully I can get a YDSA chapter started on-campus. Turning Point USA showed up next to the student center one day, and there's a libertarian Discord server on the app's "Student Hub" for my school... but no socialist activism. I want to learn more about socialism and figure out how it can actually work in modern America... and I also want to counter-activist the conservatives on campus. So, even though I know nothing about how student orgs work and I haven't even read much socialist theory (still haven't read the Three Stooges: Marx, Lenin, Mao), I want to start my own YDSA chapter to finally put some socialist voices on campus. I think it would be cool.

so yee see ya in like 5 years