It is currently less than twelve hours until 2021 turns into 2022. I can't believe it. It feels unreal.

Usually I do some cleaning up online during the new year. For 2020, I abandoned my previous Discord account to make a new one where I changed who I associated with. For 2021, I cleaned my Steam account. For 2022, I'm going to systematically clean up all of my online accounts that are sitting in silence. I feel like that would be a great step to signify the new chapter in my life I'm currently in.

I also want to look towards the future and think about what I want to do. Right now, my current career path is a bit wonky, and I may switch majors after next semester depending on how things go. I hope everyone in my life will be able to accept that if that happens.

If I want to switch careers and do computer science, I'll need to start working on and creating projects I can show future employers. I have a bunch of ideas, but one of them is to turn this blog into something greater.

It will start by making a blog through