TTT Rules have become completely asinine.

You don't need 100 pages of rules. Here's all the rules you need:

Rule 0: Don't be a Dick.

Admins have full discretion over any in-game scenario that isn't covered in the rest of these rules. If you are deliberately disrupting the game, your ass will be slapped, no matter if it is in the rules or not.

Ideally, this is the only rule you need. All the other rules can pretty easily fall into this one. But what this rule really does is that it gives you and your admins a catch-all rule: if someone is disrupting the game in a way that isn't in the rules, the admins can smite their ass in whatever way is most important. This also gives protection against "skirters" or people who deliberately try to bend the rules as much as possible in order to fuck with other players and staff. With this rule, if it's clear they're trying to be a dick... they can get punished guilt-free.

From here on, breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary or permanent ban depending on severity and previous history. Information on appeals can be seen at the bottom of this page.

All of these rules should be common sense. Anyone who breaks them multiple times is most likely doing it on purpose, and they are not welcome here.

Rule 1: Do not harass anyone on the server due to their sex, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, or any other aspect that is inherent to their person.

Basically, don't fuck with people because of aspects they cannot fully control. Yes, that includes sexuality and gender. Enforcement of this rule is very strict, and breaking this rule is the best way to get permanently banned. :)

If someone breaks this rule intentionally, ban them. Immediately. No hesitation. Fuck them. Also, notice I did not put "political affiliation" here. This is so you can still dog on Republicans or whatever your country's version of them are for being stupid, but I would recommend that people who intentionally try to start political fights also meet the hammer. Finally, also notice I did not